Principal Christopher Grant

Westwood School Principal Christopher Grant

My name is Christopher L. Grant. I serve as the elementary school principal at Westwood Elementary School, where I have been tasked with improving academic achievement for all students, implementing state standards, and implementing cycles of professional learning communities, teacher evaluations and other district initiatives. One of my major responsibilities is to improve teacher quality. This is accomplished by implementing an ongoing professional development plan focused on the instructional framework adopted by Cincinnati Public Schools. I have established a climate and culture of high expectations and success for students and staff.

As part of  my daily interactions with school and community leaders, I have:

  • Supported increasing the capacity of the instructional leadership team of Westwood Elementary School to plan and monitor the implementation of state standards for pre-K-6th grade
  • Established partnerships with several institutions of higher learning for the purpose of increasing teacher access to quality professional development and increasing student achievement
  • Established meaningful relationships with staff, parents and community leaders that resulted in targeted after-school academic programs for students

I also have:

  • A belief in creating supportive school environments that meet the social, emotional and behavioral needs of students and result in maximizing the development of the total student
  • Knowledge of planning and implementing effective school-wide positive behavior management processes to provide teachers with the skills and structures needed to bring out the best in students
  • Dedication to parents, families and community members as partners in the work of educating students

I encourage you to familiarize yourselves with the contents and share the information with your children. The faculty and staff have been working extremely hard and are eager to work with you to ensure that every student’s educational experience at Westwood is a fulfilling one.

Christopher L. Grant